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Chichester is a township and village in the Canadian province of Québec, located within the Pontiac Regional County Municipality. The township has a population of approximately 368 residents and a land surface area of 221.4 km2. Chichester is located along the north shores of the Ottawa River bordering the Laurentian Mountains across from Chapeau on Allumettes Island. It's settlements iclude Chrichester and Nichabau. Nichabau is a scenic hamlet located northwest of Chichester in what used to be referred to as Poupore's Limits. It is noted for its great number of sqare log homes.


In the 19th century (1873-1876), the township built large wooden locks in the Culbute Channel of the Ottawa River, claimed to be the largest wooden ones in Canada. The locks were meant to allow steamboat travel on the upper portion of the river. The Culbute Locks ( and associated dam) were in use from 1876 until the fall of 1889 when they were ``...... abandoned to the forces of the river and Nature's wood-rotting agents....``


Today, the municipality is predominantly made up of farming, lumbering and tourism.

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